People are ‘mind blown’ after learning what the different colours on their toothbrush mean

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5 Apr 2022, 09:17

The colours on your toothbrush have a meaning

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On most toothbrushes, you will notice that the bristles are different colours, and no, it’s not to make them look pretty.

There is a real reason behind why this design (other than being able to tell your toothbrushes apart), and people are just finding out about it.

TikToker Jess (username jmac8781) made a video to share the meaning behind the bristles on your brush, and her followers couldn’t believe it.

In the video, Jess begins by saying: “Here’s a life hack you probably didn’t know.

“Do you ever wonder why your toothbrush has different colours? There’s a reason for that. The smallest of the colours, usually near the top, is to show you how much toothpaste you actually should be using.”

There you have it!

While we may be tempted to pile the toothpaste onto our brushes, the recommended amount for each adult is only around a pea-size.

Jess adds: “You’re not actually supposed to put the toothpaste all along the brush.”

It’s not just for adults either, kid’s toothbrushes also have a similar thing with smaller dark bristles placed towards the centre of the brush.

Woman putting toothpaste on a toothbrush

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She continues: "Here’s a toddler toothbrush, and you can see the blue in the middle shows you exactly how much toothpaste to measure out.”

However, we should add that the NHS recommends using a “tiny smear of toothpaste for babies and toddlers up to three years old, and a pea-sized amount for children aged three to six years.”

That said, Jess’ tip seems to work pretty well for adults and TikTok users took the comments to share their reactions to the hack.

One person wrote: “Mind blown. I was today year's old".

Another said: “I learned a new thing today”

While a third commented: “So I’ve used 10,000% more toothpaste than I needed, all my life…[clown emoji]”.

That’s not all.

Apparently, the different bristles on your toothbrush can also impact the health of your teeth.

As Colgate notes on their website, the silicone bristles on your brush work as a “gum stimulator to clean between teeth while removing plaque from along the gum line", which also help protect against gum disease.

Who would have thought the colours on your toothbrush could be so important? 

You can watch Jess' TikTok here.