Who won The Traitors series one and where are all the contestants now?

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30 Jan 2024, 14:45

Claudia Winkleman and the cast of The Traitors series one.

Credit: BBC

The first series of massively successful reality show the Traitors UK aired at the end of 2022, but who won the competition, and what are the contestants up to these days?

*There are obviously spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen series one of The Traitors UK yet*

The final was an incredibly tense affair, with three Faithful, Meryl Williams, Aaron Evans and Hannah Byczkowski, still standing, and two Traitors, Wilfred Webster and the recruited Kieran Tompsett, hoping to steal all of the cash.

After Kieran was knifed by Wilf at the last roundtable, he left the Faithful a now iconic ‘parting gift’ by writing his fellow Traitors’ name on his blackboard. 

The three Faithful took heed of this clue and voted Wilf out, meaning that they won the series and split the very tasty £101,050 prize pot three ways.

But what have the contestants been up to since leaving the castle?

What is Meryl from The Traitors doing now?

The winner - who was nominated for a Scottish BAFTA - quit her customer service job last year and has spoken about her desire to be a TV presenter. Her Instagram page shows her at various events, including the National Television Awards.

Meryl - who has a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia - has also revealed that she spent part of her prize money on forehead reduction surgery. 

What is Aaron from The Traitors doing now?

Aaron was an estate agent when he appeared on the show, but he is now working on yachts.

The Faithful has also appeared on Mastermind, and a surprise appearance on First Dates was teased in a trailer earlier this month.

What is Hannah from The Traitors doing now?

Hannah quit her job in health and social care in order to be able to take part in The Traitors.

She now hosts the Ghost Huns podcast with comedian Suzie Preece, and is a stand-up comedian.

What is Wilf from The Traitors doing now?

Wilf’s Instagram page describes him as a “Content Creator & TV Personality”, and he has indeed been on our screens on some popular shows.

In January 2024, for example, he appeared as one of the panellists on Would I Lie To You? 

What is Kieran from The Traitors doing now?

According to his Instagram page, Keiran is an “Actor & TV Personality” and also an ambassador for PTSD UK.

He has also appeared on shows such as Lorraine. 

Some of the non-finalists have been popping up here and there as well. 

What is Maddy from The Traitors doing now?

Maddy Smedley - she of the million theories as to who the Traitors were and why - was already an actor when she went into the castle.

She has since appeared in Hollyoaks and Big Boys. And she had a baby!

What are Tom and Alex from The Traitors doing now?

Tom Elderfield and Alex Gray sent shockwaves through the castle when Tom blurted out that they were a couple.  

They are still together, and both appeared on Ed Gamble’s The Traitors: Unblocked televised podcast during series two.

What is Amos from The Traitors doing now?

Along with Keiran, Amos Ogunkoya was initially culled at the very start of the first episode, but returned later in the series. 

Late in 2023, fans couldn’t believe it when they spotted him on the bench during a Premier League game, in his role as the Luton Town doctor, 

What is Andrea from The Traitors doing now? 

Much-loved Faithful Andrea Addison has been posting her owl art on Instagram, and was also featured in a reel from Amos.

She is back living in Belgium, where she is based.

What is Amanda from The Traitors doing now? 

Traitor Amanda Lovett has appeared in various shows, including This Morning and a special episode of Homes Under the Hammer alongside Tommy Walsh.

She has also turned up on The Traitors: Uncloaked. 

Elsewhere, Fay Greaves has signed up as an Ambassador for Ripple Suicide Prevention and Nicky Wilding hopes to raise £80,000 for surgery and prosthetics to improve her quality of life. She has so far raised an impressive £49,000.

Imran Nasim is focused “on progression and self development.” 

Theo Mayne has appeared on various shows and at events, while Matt Harris is currently living in Switzerland and seemingly doing a lot of skiing.

Alyssa Chan performed her first gig a few months ago.

Claire Barratt has been keeping her fans updated on her popular TikTok channel, while Ivan Brett posts rarely on his socials. According to his Instagram, John McManus has been filming Bargain-Loving Brits in the Sun.

Aisha Birley’s Instagram is private, and Rayan Rachedi’s doesn’t seem to have much of a social presence. 

Watch series one and two of The Traitors on BBC iPlayer.