Sue Perkins admits she was 'shot at twice' in Columbia filming new Netflix TV show

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17 Oct 2022, 13:03

Sue Perkins shares story of being 'shot twice'

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TV presenter Sue Perkins left people's jaws on the floor after appearing on The One Show and telling people she was 'shot at twice' in Columbia while making her new travel documentary Sue Perkins: Perfectly Legal.

The former Great British Bake Off host has been busy on an adventure around Latin American countries and delving into mind-blowing legal activities and investigating some scarily-dangerous subjects.

During an interview on The One Show, she explained about the new Netflix offering: "Rather than spending my time in the UK having a midlife crisis, I go on quite an extreme journey, most of which I can’t talk about at teatime on the BBC.

"Some of the things I can talk about: all night clubbing, white water rafting, various extreme sports, adrenaline highs, I got shot twice — admittedly with protection," Perkins said.

Perkins told hosts Alex Jones and Ronan Keating: "Columbia was a very violent place. Pablo Escobar and stuff. They suffered an inordinate amount of tragic gun deaths.

"But the only possibly good thing to come out of it was they’re now the biggest exporter of wearable bulletproof fabrics."

Sue wrote on Twitter: "GULP. Three years, four countries, a million risk assessment forms... Perfectly Legal is available worldwide from today on Netflix. Enjoy, my international chums!"

Replying to a follower online, she assured him the new series is even bigger than Big American Road Trip and wrote: "It’s a LOT crazier. And ruder. And more tiring. Plus guns and drugs."