Viewers in tears at Hairy Biker Dave Myers’ heartbreaking last onscreen words in final episode

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20 Mar 2024, 08:02

Credit: Getty / BBC

The final episode of The Hairy Bikers Go West has aired, and it has left fans “in bits”. 

The beloved TV chef died last month at the age of 66, having revealed his cancer diagnosis in 2022. The sad news of his death was announced on 29th February on X by his Hairy Bikers pal, Si King.

With the telly duo’s final series - The Hairy Bikers Go West - having already been filmed, the BBC has aired the series by way of tribute to Myers.

The final episode of the series aired last night (19th March), and saw the pair poach John Dory together, following a 650 mile trip along the UK’s west coast.

On the show, Dave said: “I've had chemotherapy all the time we've been filming. It hasn't been easy, but we've got there, you know, and it's just a wonderful feeling. Being here today with you, I longed for this."

An emotional Si said to camera: “We’ve done it, and more importantly, he’s done it. He’s my mate and I love him like family and a brother… I’m just lost for words. It’s quite remarkable what he’s done.”

Dave says: “Who knows what the future holds? But for the moment I'm living in the present, and it's pretty fine, I tell you."

In the final scene, Dave says to his friend: “It’s been amazing.” 

Si agrees and says: “It has.”

Dave gives Si a kiss on the cheek and says: “Love ya.”

“I love you too,” Si replies, and the credits roll.

Fans took to social media to react to the episode, with one writing: “Watching the last episode of #hairybikers this evening just broke me. The way they spoke was so poignant, it's like they knew this was the last ride together #RIPDave my thoughts go out to his family and friends.”

Another added: “In pieces after watching the last ever #HairyBikers 😭😭😭” 

Someone else said: “What a beautiful end to the programme and a wonderful tribute. 

In bits now. Ride on Dave 🏍️”

One fan wrote: “What an incredible adventure, so sad it's over”

A viewer wrote: “Oh that was a really hard watch, I loved the Hairy Bikers and I’m so sad about Dave Myers. Wonderful he got to do one last hurrah with the Hairy Bikers Go West and with Si too, heartbreaking, he shall be missed. Farewell #DaveMyers 💔”

Another wrote: “Heartbreaking watching the Hairy Bikers 💔💔💔. Such a beautiful friendship ❤️”

Dave opened up about his diagnosis when he and Si joined Chris Evans at Virgin Radio in October 2023.

The Hairy Bikers Go West is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.