EastEnders fans praise Jaime Winstone as Barbara Windsor's Peggy Mitchell in flashback episode

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6 Sep 2022, 15:48

We've all still got a Barbara Windsor-shaped hole in our hearts, so to have Peggy Mitchell back on our screens in EastEnders was a TV treat. Fans have applauded Jaime Winstone's role as she took on the iconic character in a flashback one-off episode.

Based on the dark back story of the Mitchells and set in the late 1970s, viewers took to Twitter to share their delight at seeing a young Peggy and the family, calling for more episodes.

Jaime told fans: "Thank you for all your lovely messages, I am truly honoured to play such an iconic character Peggy Mitchell. This was such a special and emotional job for me. Barbara opened many doors for actresses like me and I’m eternally grateful to have known her and witness her magic, here’s to you, Barbara Windsor."

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"Loved it. Jamie Winston was amazing again as Barbara Windsor's Peggy," praised one fan.

"EastEnders tonight made me miss Barbara Windsor even more than I already did. That is how convincing Jaime Winstone is as Peggy. Phenomenal casting for Phil and Billy. Kind of gutted this was just a one off flashback episode. I need a spin off series, please!" begged one fan.

"Jaime did extremely fantastic as Peggy and I feel that Barbara Windsor would be proud of her," shared another.

"It was nice seeing Grant, Peggy, Ronnie and Roxie on our screens! really miss them. RIP Dame Barbara Windsor," wrote one viewer.

"Jaime Winstone’s Peggy Mitchell is spot on, but it made me miss Barbara Windsor," penned one fan.

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Speaking on This Morning, Jaime said about playing Barbara in the 2017 biopic: "I didn't get to Peggy so this is a real bookend of my journey and I had to shake that Carry On-esque and it took a long time to shake that wiggle and that giggle.

"But I got to implement all the stuff personally with Barbara… I got to see her at home and I got to sit around the piano and sing with her.

"She was so gorgeous and so generous with her time and had so much love and energy."

She explained about the EE special: "It's really about the family before the Mitchells became the Mitchells… and also see why Phil is who he is. It's set in 1979, the backdrop is London, grim, quite skint, there's rubbish on the streets… and different for women then, women knew their place and did the cooking, the cleaning and were very proud home keepers…

"It's a turbulent episode - there's lots to take in. It's fast paced… you'll see a more vulnerable side to her. It's the making of how Peggy Mitchell became Peggy Mitchell.

"She's such a tough mum and she really believed in her boys and that deep protection. And you know I got a lot of that from Barbara myself, I put a lot of that into it, and once I put that wig on... that was it."