Mark Strong on the new 1970's film Cruella pre 101 Dalmations with Emma Stone

Virgin Radio

25 May 2021, 11:59

The RocknRolla with the best voice in the business joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky to talk about starring longside Emma Stone and Emma Thompson in the new blockbuster based on a young Cruella pre 101 Dalmatians, season two of Temple and how he chooses his projects. 

On the film that’s been compared to Disney meets The Devil Wears Prada circa 1970’s London, he said: “Seventies London looks fantastic. You see Liberty’s, you see the old buses, the old cars. The music of that period is a bit punky.

"Jenny Beavan is the costume designer who’s created these incredible looks for Emma Stone as well as making sure that everybody in these big ballroom scenes all have these clothes. There's one ball which is a French period piece. There’s 150 people all dressed in these huge ball gowns. There’s a catwalk, there's a swing in the middle of the room and they've basically clothed everyone and done an incredible job."

How does he choose his work? He explained: “I think lockdown brought a lot of development and a lot of holes in people's programmes so they all need to be made now so there is a lot of work around at the moment. 

“It's very much the script, the character, the location. I don't want to be away from the family for too long, the director is very important in film obviously because they hone and craft it so those are the elements that I choose to decide whether or not I’m going to do a film."

On season two of drama Temple, he said: “Season one was an adaptation of a Norwegian show so we had a kind of blueprint. We adapted it rather than copied it. It had some great characters in it and they never got a second season in Norway, but we wrote a second season using all those characters and taking them places we wanted to go.

“The lovely Danny Mays is in it, he’s a great mate and they've got the same characters and we just basically turn every character up to 11 and everything that we realised worked in the first show, which was the kind of dark humour, the fun…

"We've just turned the dial up on all of those and it's being edited now and it'll be out in the autumn. They come out as box sets on Sky which is fantastic so you can watch them all in one go."

On his favourite ever title sequence he’s worked on, he shared: “I loved RocknRolla because the track used is all animated and it looks absolutely brilliant. By the end of that title sequence you want to throw your knickers and the screen, it's fantastic.”