Geri Halliwell-Horner tells Chris Evans what she has learned from husband Christian Horner

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12 Oct 2023, 09:58

L-R: Geri Halliwell-Horner, Christian Horner, Chris Evans.

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When Geri Halliwell-Horner joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with cinch to talk about her new children’s book, she also spoke about her husband, Red Bull F1 team principal Christian Horner, and what she has learned from him.

The Spice Girls icon swung by Virgin Radio to chat about her seventh children’s book: Rosie Frost and the Falcon Queen, which is out now and has just become a New York Times bestseller. Speaking about being an author, she told Chris: “Before I did music, I studied English literature, and it was always a very big passion. It's something that I always felt confident in, the power of words.” 

The singer continued: “I'm no Mariah Carey, but I just always felt very confident in writing… It's taken me nine years to write this book, well seven years to write it, nine years by the time it got out. And so it feels really affirming, like, wow, you're allowed to have different chapters in your life.”

Speaking about whether her husband, Formula One star Christian Horner, has read it, she revealed: “He said, ‘I'll read it when it's published’, because I kept on trying to read bits out to him.”

Once it was out, he did indeed give it a read. Geri explained: “He was going on a plane, 100 pages in he went, ‘Oh, it's much better than I thought it would be’. And then he said to me, ‘I couldn't put it down. I just wanted to find out what happened next’. And I thought, ‘My work is done.’"

Talking about her husband and his role in charge of the Red Bull F1 team, she enthused: “He's such a good team principal… He really gets people to work together. I've learned so much from him. And he's all really about goals. When I was writing, he said, ‘Give yourself goals, because otherwise you just coast’.

“I’m very proud of him. Because I've watched them lose together and win together. You know, they had seven years where they weren't doing very well.

“So, to watch that, I thought, that is very admirable, the way he kept everyone together, their spirit. There's a lot to learn from watching him.”

Christian Horner is one of the key players in the hit Netflix documentary series, Formula 1: Drive to Survive. Speaking about it, Geri said: “It's brilliant. I think it's like The Kardashians on wheels.”

On the subject of Netflix doccos, when Chris asked if Geri had seen the new Beckham documentary, which, of course, stars former Spice Girl Victoria, she said: “So far, I've seen one-and-a-half [episodes].”

She added: “I really admire the journey, it's amazing, and it’s well put together.”

Geri was known as Ginger Spice in the Spice Girls until she left the group in 1998. She rejoined when they reunited in 2007, and was part of the epic 2019 UK tour as a four-piece, alongside Emma Bunton, Mel B and Mel C.

Touching briefly on her time in the legendary group, she said: “I'm really grateful, because that's such a defining chapter in my life. I love being with the girls. I'm seeing Emma later. She came to the book launch. So, I'm happy to celebrate that.”

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Rosie Frost And The Falcon Queen is out now. 

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