Nicole Scherzinger and Chris Evans talk about how they are set to become family

Virgin Radio

3 Oct 2023, 11:06

Nicole Scherzinger talks to Chris Evans at Virgin Radio.

When Nicole Scherzinger joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with cinch to talk about starring in a new production of Sunset Boulevard, she also chatted about how she and Chris are set to become family.

The Pussycats Dolls icon is engaged to Scottish rugby star Thom Evans, who just so happens to the cousin of… our own Chris Evans. “We might be family pretty soon!” she said to Chris.

Singer Nicole, who announced her engagement to the sports star in June, said: “I'm in love with the family.”

She joked: “I tell Thom, ‘If we don't make it, I'm still gonna be with your family!’. We're gonna make it but I'm just saying! We joke around because he loves my family and I love his family so much.”

Nicole then said to Chris: “And you're part of that!”

When Chris asked about potential wedding locations, the Honolulu-born musician, dancer and actress said: “My grandfather is a Bishop, so I’ve always wanted him to marry me. So he would marry us back home in Hawaii. And then we're in love with Portugal, obviously, so I think maybe we would have a reception there.

“I didn't know Portugal before Thom introduced me to it.”

She added: “It's gorgeous. Every part of Portugal is so beautiful.

“I love the food. I'm an eater.”

Talking more about food, the television personality told Chris that she loves a “double Sunday roast.”

She explained: “It's actually two entire meals in two different places. I eat all of my Sunday roast, and then I rest for a few hours and then I'll go somewhere and I'll have a whole nother Sunday roast experience.

“I can't get enough gravy. When I do a Sunday roast, I put my goggles on and my swimming cap on, because I just dive in literally to that gravy.”

Nicole is starring as Norma Desmond in the new West End production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Sunset Boulevard. Speaking about getting fit for the role, she said: “I have a brilliant personal trainer named Eddie, and he's just awesome. I train like an athlete. He actually trains a lot of athletes. He's trained LeBron James.

"I love it. It helps me psychologically and physically, It's all about the mental space and it gets me just like a weapon.” 

When Chris spoke about the fitness of Thom and brother Max, who is also a Scottish rugby star, Nicole said: “When is it not 110 percent? They don't even have a six pack. It's like an eight pack.” 

She added: “Their mum is so healthy. She's a weapon and I love her, and she reminds me of my family. When I met her I was like, ‘Oh, we're gonna get along’. She's brilliant.”

Sunset Boulevard is running for a strictly limited 16 weeks at London’s Savoy Theatre. Nicole talked to Chris all about it. Read what she had to say.

Sunset Boulevard runs until Saturday 6th January 2024 at the Savoy Theatre. For tickets visit

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