Kylie Minogue almost collaborated with Madonna 'on a couple of occasions'

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8 Jun 2022, 09:27

Pic: Getty

Kylie says she "would be up" for working with Madonna.

Imagine the music these two would make, if the queens of pop united.

Two of the biggest names in music would definitely come up with a smash hit, and it turns out this has nearly happened more than once.

It can be hard to synchronise diaries with your friends, and it seems that pop stars are no different.

Kylie appeared on 'Watch What Happens Live' and told host Andy Cohen that she would still love to work with Madonna.

She revealed: 'There's been a couple of occasions, but it hasn't quite happened,'

'I would be up for that, the level's high here,' she added.

It seems the feeling is mutual, as Madonna previously wore a Kylie Minogue tank top during her performance at the 2000 MTV Europe Music Awards.

She also have her a shout out during an Australian tour in 2016.

'I love Kylie, I wish she was here...Where are you Kylie?' Madonna called.

'Come back Kylie, I just want to tear you away,' she added.

'Spinning Around' star Kylie has also launched her wine in the U.S, after selling 3.5 million bottles of rosé in the UK alone, and five million bottles in total worldwide.

It's also been revealed that Neighbours will end with a final scene featuring Jason Donovan and Kylie.

The star also recently joined Coldplay onstage for a performance during their world tour.