James Blunt reveals hilarious results after ‘investigation’ into price of his autograph

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11 Jan 2024, 12:20

James Blunt

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Singer James Blunt has won the internet yet again after he launched an “investigation” into the prices of his signature on his book - How to be a Complete and Utter Blunt. 

The You’re Beautiful hitmaker released the autobiography back in 2020, and Utter Blunt focuses on a year in the life of “the world’s most reluctant social media sensation”, according to the official synopsis. 

It seems James is keen to hold onto that title and provided yet another hilarious post on his X page after he told fans that he’d taken an interest into how his tome was doing. 

Sharing a screengrab of the Waterstones page for How to be a Complete and Utter Blunt, both the regular and the signed edition, the songwriter outlined both prices to compare and the results were…interesting. 

“Been investigating how much my autograph is worth.” 

Unfortunately for James, his regular version of Utter Blunt currently sells for £14.99, while the signed copy retails for two pounds cheaper at £12.99. 

Fans were left in stitches by the Beside You singer’s confession, with one follower replying: “Ha ha worth more without the graffiti,” while another said: “I'm about to put down an offer on a house. Before I do that, could you sign the front door, please?”

“The giggle I needed this morning, thank you @JamesBlunt  xx” a third commented. 

James has been busy writing his follow-up, Loosely Based on a Made Up Story, which was released in 2023. Within its pages, the musical author recalls his Norfolk roots, eccentric family, boarding school antics and misjudged military service, through to his rise to music stardom and tour escapades.

In yet another social media slam-dunk, James recently responded to TalkTV’s Piers Morgan after he left a rather glowing review of his memoir

Piers shared a snap of his signed copy, which read: “To Piers, your neighbour, James Blunt.”

Captioning the photo, the telly host wrote: “Had this hand-delivered by the author, and it’s one of the funniest, most outrageously shocking showbiz memoirs I’ve ever read. Haven’t laughed out loud so much while reading a book in a long time. Congrats ⁦@JamesBlunt⁩ - you mercilessly impish little devil.”

Proving once again to be one of the funniest musicians in the biz, James couldn’t let the comment go by, and reshared the post, adding: “I suspect you’re only being nice because I know where you live… But either way - thanks, honey.”