Heartwarming moment as Ed Sheeran reveals he's 'super proud' of Harry Styles

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17 May 2023, 13:26

Credit: Getty

Ed Sheeran has been praising Harry Styles, saying how proud he is of the star.

The musicians have been friends since their teenage years, and so go back a long way.

Ed has opened up about some of his favourite friendships on a new podcast, and also talked about his friendship with Taylor Swift.

He says that working as a successful solo artist means Ed and Harry have an "understanding" of life that is hard to find.

Ed appeared on the Spout Podcast, when he was asked about matching tattoos of penguins he has with Harry Styles.

"I think we’ve both slowed down a bit with tattoos. I think when you’re in your early 20s it’s just like, “Let’s get loads,” but I’m pretty sure he’s slowed down and I’ve definitely slowed down a lot," he explained.

Ed and Harry met when they were 19 and 16 and were in the same house when the news broke that One Direction’s 'What Makes You Beautiful' single and Ed’s album, ‘+’, had both clinched the number one spot.

"I’ve known Harry since I was 19 and he was 16 so there’s something about going through your formative years [with someone],’ he began.

"He’s obviously on top of the world right now and has gone from being in one of the biggest boybands to being the biggest solo artist in the world, and it’s an amazing journey to see and I’m super, super proud of him."

He said of Taylor Swift: "It’s the same thing as Taylor,’ he began, ‘there’s rarely people that totally understand you and because they’re both solo artists at a level you kind of talk and there’s an understanding there you don’t necessarily get from everyone."

Ed recently cried onstage following the death of his close friend Jamal.

He also celebrated his victory in court with his fellow song-writer, who commemorated the occasion by getting a tattoo.