If you love pasta this money-saving tip might save energy

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8 Dec 2022, 16:12

Pasta boiling on a hob in a pan with green handles, and a hand holding a wooden spoon stirs it

Credit: Gettt

Are you guilty of boiling your pasta on high until it turns to mush?

It turns out that there's a far more efficient way of doing things.

An Instagram user posting as @ambitiouskitchen, has shared a top tip.

It's much more energy efficient, and could help you cut costs.

The poster's name is Monique, and she says there is no need to boil pasta for 10 minutes.

Instead, try boiling it for just two minutes, and then leaving it to cook in the hot water.

She says: "I’ve just learned the coolest energy conservation tip for making pasta.

"So you’re going to cook your pasta in boiling water for two minutes. Then you’ll turn the heat off, cover it, and let it sit for 10 minutes.

"Then your pasta will be perfectly cooked every single time.’

It will also reduce your electricity or gas usage too.

However, not everyone agrees. 

"This video needs a trigger warning for Italians," joked one.

"Not all pasta cooks in the same time frame… awful advice for making good pasta," insisted another.

"You must be joking right? You can’t be serious. That’s not a good way to make pasta because you’re not releasing all of the starch from it – you guys. Just stick with the regular plan," disagreed one.

Some people agreed though saying it also works with boiled eggs.

One fan enthused: "Been doing this for years!! Works for all pasta! Just adjust time sitting in water!!"

"LOVE that! good for the tastebuds and the environment" praised one fan.

Would you give this a go?