Love pizza? Doritos launches new three-cheese and pepperoni flavour crisps

Virgin Radio

6 Oct 2022, 14:28

Yellow and green packets of crisps

Credit: Doritos

Doritos are moreish enough already, and now they've created a pizza flavour.

There are two new flavours to try out, with three cheese and pepperoni crisps being added to the range.

Doritos carried out research to find out what the nation's top two pizza flavours are.

Surprisingly a simple margherita scored highly, as well as pepperoni.

The new pizza tortilla chips will be arriving on supermarket shelves in the UK this month.

Called Triple Cheese Pizza and Loaded Pepperoni Pizza varieties, they promise to give you the pizza hit you're craving.

The best bit is they will only set you back between £1.25 and £2 depending on the bag size - much cheaper than ordering a pizza delivery too!

Will they hit the spot though?

There are two portion sizes to choose from, with the two new italian-inspired flavours coming in 180g sharing bags and individual 70g packs.

Seeing as Doritos already have a Tangy Cheese variety, fans will be keen to try the Three Cheese flavour to contrast and compare.

Alex Nicholas at Doritos said: "We know the nation are always on the look-out for new and exciting flavours, and so we have brought together the best of two worlds: our iconic, crunchy tortilla chips, and flavours inspired by the UK’s favourite pizza toppings."

Other new arrivals to the supermarket shelves are spooky black garlic mayo, and a "game changing" new chocolate treat.

Elsewhere, McDonald's are said to be bringing out happy meals for adults.