Nespresso launches two new iced coffee pods in time for summer and they look delicious

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8 Jun 2022, 08:35

Credit: Getty

Good news for iced coffee lovers, Nespresso has announced the release of two new pods ready for the warmer months.

The range of pods has been designed for iced coffees- so you can get your favourite chilled drink at home.

Nespresso has introduced two new flavours in their Barista Creations over Ice collection, including the limited edition Liminha Over Ice Flavour for Original Machine. This flavour has hints of lime, perfect for a refreshing morning beverage.

The second flavour is the Exotic Liminha Over Ice for the Nespresso Vetuo machine, which is comprised of mint and citrus notes for an extra hit.

In addition to these two new flavours, Nespresso will also be bringing back several limited edition pods from previous years.

Among those making a comeback will be the Tropical Coconut Flavour Over Ice for Vertuo and Original machines while stocks last.

The Freddo Delicato and Freddo Intenso pods for Original machines will also be made available along with the Ice Leggero and Ice Forte pods for Vertuo machines.

If you fancy getting your hands on one of these flavours, prices for pods range from 50p to 69p- which is much cheaper than what you pay at the coffee shop!

In other summer foodie news, McDonald’s has revealed their new menu for the warmer months with the addition of some new delicious treats.

Fans can enjoy crispy halloumi fries for the first time at the golden arches, as well as four different burgers, and a new McFlurry flavour.

From Wednesday 8th June, the Taste of Italy summer menu will kick off in the fast-food chain and will include the Italian Stack and Crispy Chicken Italiano burger.

Even more good news for cheese lovers, but the fan-favourite mozzarella dippers will also land back on the menu.