This magic tin foil hack will make your cutlery shine straight out of the dishwasher

Virgin Radio

9 Mar 2022, 16:42

Credit: TikTok (@jojo.butterflylove)

Forget scrubbing! One TikToker has discovered a super easy way to make sure your cutlery gleams right out of the dishwasher!

If you’re faced with smears on your silverware, TikTok user @jojo.butterflylove has the answer for you. 

She uploaded a video explaining how you can take tin foil, roll it up into a ball and then place it in the cutlery section of the dishwasher. 

Then pack out your dishwasher as normal, with the regular cleaning soap, and watch the utensils come out shining. 

As explained by the TikTok user: “There’s a chemical reaction that takes place with tin foil and with the soap that will make your silverware shiny.”

This is an oxidation process, which means the chemicals within the soap create an ‘ion exchange’ with the metal of the foil. 

This then oxidises any marks on the utensils, making them look basically brand new. 

This type of process can only happen on real silverware, so that means any stainless steel cutlery won’t experience the same success. 

The video has helped out a huge amount of TikTok fans, and the video has over 20,000 likes on the video sharing platform. 

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