Cheap cleaning hacks: How to use toilet roll CARDBOARD to get rid of dust and other tricks

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9 Mar 2022, 11:34

Credit: Instagram Carolina Home Hacks Queen / Getty

No one wants to spend a lot of time or money on cleaning. Cue savvy social media guru Carolina McCauley who has wowed users with her penny-saving tips on how to keep things sparkling.

The clean queen shared how to clean faster, better and easier on Instagram with the help of some humble toilet roll holders and a few magic ingredients.

Who knew?

Credit: Instagram Carolina Home Hacks Queen

To get rid of irritating dirt and dust inbetween sliding door tracks, Carolina placed a cardboard toilet roll tube on the end of her vacuum cleaner nozzle - and voila... no more hard-to-get little bits left over.

Had enough of pulling gross hair out of the shower plug? Use a cheap drain cover to catch everything instead, she advised.

Credit: Instagram Carolina Home Hacks Queen

If your bathroom smells more damp than divine, there's no need to spend a lot of money on expensive products. You can make your own toilet cleaning bomb using baking soda, citric acid, essential oils and water.

Leave the ingredients to set overnight in a large ice-cube tray and the next day you'll have a luxury loo cleaner.

Credit: Instagram Carolina Home Hacks Queen

Users have been amazed by her simple tips. One viewer commented: "I'm going to attempt to make some."

Another agreed: "So satisfying."

A third added: "Love this idea!"