Food Waste Action Week: Guess what is the most thrown away takeaway item ever?

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7 Mar 2022, 12:08

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What would fast food be without chips? Nothing. But the carb-comforting takeaway staple is the first thing we're all inclined to bin when we're stuffed to the brim.

According to a Just Eat study, the humble chip is the food product that's most likely to get thrown away rather than saved for later.

The data revealed that 72% of takeaway-lovers always have chips left over due to big portions, but it spells disaster for climate change.

No one wants to eat cold chips and the majority of customers don't know how safe it is to reheat them.

Magda Ganea, from The Real Food Cafe, told Metro previously: "The biggest reason chips go soggy when reheating is moisture.

"Potatoes are full of moisture that escapes when reheated, especially in a microwave or oven where the steam can’t escape.

"However it is possible to reheat chips – just think of it as twice cooking. The perfect way to reheat chips is to deep fry, but frying them in a skillet can work just as well, use a very hot pan with a little oil.

"Alternatively you can grill them on a high heat, but move the chips regularly so as not to burn them.

"Leftover chips should be cooled as quickly as possible and placed in the fridge with a loose cover. Sealing leftover potatoes or chips completely can cause bacteria growth."

Shockingly, the Sustainable Restaurant Association has revealed that £1.8 billion of takeaway food in the UK is binned and chips are top of the trash.

With Food Waste Action Week approaching, Robin Clark, senior director of global partnerships, sponsorships and sustainability at Just Eat, said: "Food waste is one of the greatest issues of our generation.

"With 60,000 restaurants on the Just Eat platform in the UK, we know that we have a role to play."