The Chicken Big Mac is coming back to McDonald’s this week

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28 Feb 2022, 15:18

Credit: @McDonaldsUK Instagram

Credit: @McDonaldsUK Instagram

You may remember that McDonald’s very recently launched a Chicken Big Mac for a limited time. Well, it sold out pretty much everywhere, very, very quickly.

The classic Big Mac was given a chickeny twist, with the release of a burger that had two crispy chicken fillets where the more familiar beef patties would normally be. The Chicken Big Mac was paired with the same signature sauce.

The burger was added to the menu in over a thousand restaurants at the start of February, with the plan to sell them until 15th March. However, after just a couple of weeks, McDonald’s tweeted: “Well, that escalated quickly. Your love for the limited edition Chicken Big Mac knew no bounds and it’s sold out almost everywhere.”

There have been no more Chicken Big Macs on sale since then. However, if you didn’t get the chance to try the new menu item before they all sold out, then the good news is that they are coming back. 

McDonald’s UK shared the news on Twitter today (February 28th) saying: “Yep. That's right. Chicken Big Mac - back this Wednesday, whilst stocks last.” 

Commenters on social media were certainly keen to see the return of the new burger. One wrote: “literally the best thing you guys had on the menu”

Another added: “I haven't stopped crying since it went off the menu.”

Assuming the price is the same as when the new menu item was released at the start of the month, this limited-edition chicken Big Mac will be 50p more expensive than the classic beef version, costing £4.09 for the sandwich by itself. For a medium meal it will cost you £5.59 and a large is £5.99.

If you want to try one of these Chicken Big Macs, then you’d better act fast, judging by the speed with which they sold out last time! And even if they don’t sell out instantly, these burgers will only be on the menu until 15th March. 

So, don’t delay when they go back on sale on Wednesday 2nd March!