Cleaning mirrors and windows hack: How to get them streak-free and shining in seconds

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15 Feb 2022, 16:21

Credit: Tik Tok

Fed up of streaky windows and mirrors no matter what you do? One savvy cleaning pro has wowed users with her simple technique using just a mop, glass cleaner and a microfibre cloth.

TikTok-er Mai Zimmy told her followers the trick that 'everyone needs to know' which is to spray the mirror with any cleaning product, then clip the cloth onto a mop and give it a good rub.

She assured: "It's fine to have some overhang as that'll stay dry for a second go.

Credit: TikTok

"Just like a professional window cleaner, you can clean and polish up your mirrored glass and it is so freaking easy."

With over 336,000 likes, viewers have been amazing by her easy trick.

One user applauded: "This is why I love TikTok!! Great for short people like me!! Thanks for sharing!"

Credit: TikTok
Credit: TikTok

Another penned: "My 5ft self thanks you for this tip, I never clean the top half."

A third person wrote: "This will honestly save my moms life!!! She’s 70 years old and she has to climb on the sink counter to reach the mirror. Thank you."

Another praised: "Do you ever look at these hacks and wonder why you haven’t already thought of that?"

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