People are loving these vegan eggs

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4 Jan 2022, 13:13

Pic: Getty

January is Veganuary, and many people worry they will miss eggs and cheese if they try going vegan.

Vegans can't believe how realistic these fried eggs look.

It was shared in a Facebook group, where people post about their new exciting food discoveries to share the joy with others.

One person posted in the group saying they found the vegan eggs in a supermarket and used them in a sandwich.

"Made a sausage and egg sandwich for a bit of fun, found the fried eggs in the local Asian supermarket and they worked really well in a sandwich," they wrote.

They look surprisingly similar to real eggs, and commenters rushed to ask where they were from.

One person wrote: "These look amazing!!"

Someone else added: "They’re gonna sell out before I can buy more now!"

Plenty of people asked questions about the flavour.

The original poster replied: "For those asking, I really couldn't pin point the taste, so I don't think they are eggy tasting, but if you fry them they go a bit rubbery like an over cooked egg. Anyway, had 'egg' and beans on toast."

They're not alone though with their experiment, another user posted on Twitter: "Not my prettiest food pics but it was delicious Mi Goreng with vegan fried egg. Before I was vegan I would have Mi Goreng with fried egg all the time! Happy I was able to have the vegan version."

Fans were impressed with them: "It’s so pretty and it looks delicious omggg."

She added: "Texture is similar to a Thai style fried egg. Doesn't have a real eggy taste though."

Are you tempted to give them a go?

Other people shared their advice on how to make your own if you can't find them in shops.

It turns out you can make a replica using tofu for the egg white and pumpkin, squash or mustard for the yolk.