Eddy's Good News: Rescue of a lost dog, discovery in China and endangered white rhino

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23 May 2024, 13:15

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Thursday 23rd May 2027

Credit: Jamie Rooney- Rocky in Jack Poplawski’s helicopter reunited with his dad

We go down under for an amazing rescue of a lost dog in the outback as we say g’day to Jamie Rooney and his faithful staffie, Rocky, driving through a remote part of Western Australia and in the heat they decided a nice dip in a river would be perfect. But Jamie’s pooch must have been caught up in a current and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Jamie was distraught and searched the best he could but there was no sign of the disappeared doggo.

Earlier in the day he’d driven past an airport and seen helicopters take off. These guys are often hired by local cattle farmers because the ranches in that part of the world are so vast, it’s quite normal to herd cattle with a helicopter, so he called one of the numbers he found online which led him to Jack Poplawski, one of those pilots that normally chases after lost cattle. Jack’s experience was exactly what Jamie needed, he scanned the river for miles and spotted tracks that looked in his expert eyes, bigger than a dingo’s and eventually those tracks led to Rocky.

Pooch and Pop are now reunited after what they’re calling a needle in a haystack rescue!

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: National Cultural Heritage Administration- Tomb from ancient China dates back 2,200 years ago

China is entering a golden age of archeological discovery. I seem to be sharing story after story and here’s the latest from the province Confucius was born in. 

The Kingdom of Chu was pivotal in Chinese history and in 2019,  there is where they found what they think is the tomb of a 2,200 year old king and it’s the most complex funeral site ever found. 

A treasure trove of over 3,000 relics, including beautifully lacquered wood, bronze vessels, figurines, chariot and horse pits, and sacrificial remains were all found in addition to a woven bamboo mat that allowed scientists to get a radiocarbon analysis which showed the precise age of the tomb. 

The encouraging thing is that they’ve only just finished the first stage. They’re now starting on the actual burial chamber where they’ll find much more and, more importantly, the last piece of the jigsaw which is who was entombed there.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: Platinum Rhino - 3 of the 2,000 southern white rhinos auctioned

Good news from across Africa as an incredibly ambitious continent-wide effort to rewild the endangered white rhino as African Parks get hold of 2,000 of these majestic beasts from a private owner, part of a story that will make you incredulous. 

Millionaire breeder John Hume, from South Africa, had an idea to hit poachers where it hurt them most, their wallets. He bred 2000 white rhino with the plan to keep their horns when they died then in one fell swoop, release them into the illegal market so the price would plummet and poachers would be de-incentivised. But it’s a plan that relied on his being given permission by the powers that be, to effectively lift the ban on sale of rhino horn, just for him. But after years of litigation, their position remained a firm no, so he was left in a potential bankruptcy situation and was forced to auction the whole lot in April. 

In a fantastic positive from negative situation Africa now has a massive herd of endangered rhino they can tactically release them in pockets of protected parks across the continent. Amazingly this one herd represents 15% of the animals that exist worldwide. They fell down to just 30 animals in the 1930s and now have a platform to start thriving again, shaping savannas and increasing the flora and fauna wherever they do so. 

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org