The ‘most desired’ accent in the UK will shock you

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12 Feb 2024, 13:33

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Love is in the air, and apparently, It sounds less exotic than you might think.

Valentine’s Day is looming, and as the nation collectively fluffs its feathers in anticipation, a crucial question emerges: What makes British hearts flutter with desire?

Drumroll, please – it's the Essex accent! Yes, you read that right.

The Essex accent has been crowned the 'most attractive' in the UK.

Move over, sultry Scots and charming Cockneys; it seems the allure of TOWIE's wit and Essex slang has cast a spell on the nation.

Shedding light on this shocking revelation, Ashish Shah, an audiologist at The Hearing Care Partnership, spills the tea.

He exclaims: "Coined for being one of the most recognisable accents in the UK, the Essex accent takes the top spot for being the most desired accent, with a one-month search increase of 59%.

"This could be attributed to the fact that the accent has been hugely popularised by reality TV shows like The Only Way Is Essex, known for its witty one-liners and charming Essex slang."

The Geordie accent snags second place in the rankings, proving that nothing warms the heart like a bit of Geordie charm.

Following closely at number three is the West Country accent, making us wonder if the West Country knows its charm stretches beyond rolling hills and cider orchards.

In a surprising turn of events, accents in the South of England dominate the charts, with two out of the top three being southern.

Sorry, Northerners; it looks like this time, Southern charm has won the day.

Interestingly, Irish accents find themselves in a modest sixth position, while Scottish and Yorkshire accents find themselves at the bottom of the desire list. Och aye, that's a tough break!

As we delve into the most 'desired' accents in the British Isles, it's clear that Essex reigns supreme, captivating hearts with its distinctive charm.

Whether it's the cheeky banter or the infectious Essex slang, the southern charm has certainly cast a love spell over the nation.

However, Ashish Shah adds a note of wisdom to the discourse, reminding us that personal preferences play a significant role in what we find attractive.

"No matter how subtle or strong, an accent is something that everyone has. It plays a significant role in the way we articulate ourselves, communicate, and connect to those around us.

"The tonality, pitch, and pace of speech can change how we feel. So no wonder we are drawn to different accents."

So, as Valentine's Day approaches, let your heart guide you – whether it flutters for Essex charm, Geordie warmth, or the soothing lilt of the West Country. Love, after all, is in the ear of the beholder!

Full list of the ‘most desired’ accents in the UK

  1. Essex
  2. Geordie
  3. West Country
  4. Scouse
  5. Welsh
  6. Irish
  7. Brummie
  8. Cockney
  9. Scottish
  10. Yorkshire