Shoppers are only just finding out what Asda stands for

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29 Mar 2023, 14:22

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Chances are you've spent many an hour browsing the supermarket aisles, but did you know what Asda stands for?

They say every day is a school day, and thanks to newsreader Alastair Stewart many people have just learned something new.

He tweeted asking: "Without [using] Google, do you know what the name Asda derives from?"

There was a mixed bag of responses.

One honest person admitted: "I don't know anything without Google. So the answer's no,"

"Nope!" said another, simply.

Others shared their guesses, and one social media user replied: "Wow! How many wrong answers can one post get?"

Do you know? Last chance...

It turns out it all comes from a merger that took place back in 1965.

Brothers Peter and Fred Asquith were running a butcher's shop in Yorkshire.

The duo went on a trip to America, where they saw the potential for an "under one roof" store.

They contacted the Associated Dairies company and pitched a partnership.

The collab decided to call it Asda - taking the As from Associated and Da from Dairies.

"Associated Dairies, Alastair," said one person, "Everybody 'Up North' knows that."

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