The Last of Us star Bella Ramsey on the scene we didn’t get to see

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7 Mar 2023, 12:14

The Last of Us star Bella Ramsey

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If you’ve been watching The Last of Us, then you’ll have been on quite a journey over the past eight weeks. 

From the very first episode in which Joel (Pedro Pascal) suffers tragedy, to the sad end of Tess, to what happened to Henry and Sam, to the entirety of episode three, the series continues to leave viewers emotionally wrecked.

And fans didn’t even see one of the most potentially heartbreaking moments in the narrative so far. 

However, Bella Ramsey, who plays Ellie, has said that it's for the best that the scene wasn’t made. In last Monday’s seventh episode, Ellie and Riley (Storm Reid) explored an abandoned mall, for a brief time enjoying the kind of fun teenagers who lived a normal pre-pandemic life would have experienced. Later, they danced to Etta James, and shared a kiss, But the bliss couldn’t last. And it didn't.

An attack from a clicker saw them both bitten, and in a heartbreaking moment, Riley said they either had to end it now or make the most of whatever time they had left together. 

Of course, it turns out that Ellie is immune, and, as the episode came to an end, we didn’t find out what happened to Riley. Was Ellie forced to kill the person she cared most about in the world? 

On ComicBook and Entertainment Tonight podcast The Last of Pods, Ramsey spoke about how we didn’t see what happened with Riley. She said (via The Digital Fix) “I think it’s up to people’s imaginations really. But from our point of view, I think Ellie probably had to make a really hard decision, and do something she really didn’t want to do, and experience great loss.”

Regarding whether this addressed the question from episode four about Joel’s attacker not being the first person Ellie had killed, Ramsey added: “I don’t know if we ever did explicitly agree, and I think it’s more powerful that it’s kept unspoken, and kept to people’s imaginations.”

The Last of Us continued yesterday (6th March) with another incredible episode which, as you would expect, has left viewers destroyed again. One person tweeted: “I did not expect to cry so much throughout this apocalyptic fungal zombie TV programme but my feels have taken an absolute kicking every single week #TheLastOfUs”