Money Heist Berlin spin-off reveals first trailer

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6 Oct 2022, 07:36

The cast of the upcoming Money Heist Berlin spin-off

Credit: Netflix

If you’re a fan of Money Heist, you’ll be excited to learn that Netflix is set to launch a whole new spin-off series.

The original Spanish series was a huge hit on the streaming platform, focusing on The Professor and his team of eight attempting to pull off massive robberies on the Royal Mint of Spain and the Bank of Spain, across five seasons.

Its success led to a Korean remake of the show, Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area, and now we’ve got a new series on its way, which is set to follow the character Andrés de Fonollosa, otherwise known as Berlin.

Yes, the new series will feature the character Berlin, as opposed to being set in Berlin. It is set to delve into the character’s back story.

The latest trailer for Berlin doesn’t give anything away in terms of what we can expect from the plot, but it does introduce some of the cast to us. Along with the return of Berlin, we meet new characters Keila, Cameron, Roi, Damián, and Bruce. 

Tristán Ulloa, who portrayed Father Vincent in Warrior Nun, will star as Damián. Elsewhere in the cast, Begoña Vargas from Welcome to Eden plays Cameron, Michelle Jenner (The Cook of Castamar) portrays Keila, Julio Peña Fernández (Through My Window) will be Roi, and Joel Sánchez plays man of action, Bruce.

The Professor - who is also Berlin’s brother - is rumoured to be returning for this new series. He is played by Álvaro Morte.

Of the new series, Netflix says on its YouTube page: “Mixing love and heists isn’t always a bad idea.” 

We’re looking forward to this one! 

Money Heist Berlin is set to arrive in 2023. Money Heist seasons 1-5 are available to stream on Netflix, as is Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area.