Eddy's Good News: Feline friend saves life & studies into how we use our land for farming!

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23 Aug 2022, 09:09

Credit: The Sun/News UK

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Tuesday 23rd August 2022

A pawsome story from here in the UK as a woman is saved from almost certain death by her cat, who managed to deliver vital CPR, that’s Cat Pressure Resuscitation!

Say hello to Sam Felstead who was, in an unprecedented way, woken up by her cat at 4:30am the other morning. Sam had gone to bed and to sleep feeling fine.

But Billy, her seven year old British Shorthair, jumped on her chest and woke her up at the ungodly hour because he clearly knew something that Billy was, in her state of slumber, totally unaware of. She was having a heart attack in her sleep and would almost certainly have ended up a statistic, another person who “died peacefully in their sleep”, but Billy wasn’t going to let that happen. He frantically beat his paws on his mum’s chest and meowed loudly in her ear, she woke up feeling awful, was taken to hospital straight away by her mum, where she was given a life saving stent in her blocked artery. Cats (and dogs) are able to pick up on physiological changes in our bodies and this is another story in a long list of how pets can be heroes too.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

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Great news from here in the UK as a landmark study into how we use our land for farming shows that giving bits of land back to mother nature does not decrease crop yields. 

Governments the world over, including ours thankfully, have realised that soil health and biodiversity are keystones of a sustainable future for our children’s children and are now rewarding farmers for returning a portion of their land to the person that takes care of it best - mother nature.

The UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology have spent the last ten years closely monitoring a 2,400 acre commercial farm in Buckinghamshire, to see what effects increasing biodiversity, or more to the point, reducing biodiversity loss from intensive farming and the results were pretty amazing. They saw incredible spikes in animal diversity, from butterflies, up 40% to birds, up 80%! So many more pollinators too, meaning crop yields per acre improved. And the goodness above the ground is reflected underground, more insects, more worms, better soil health and water and sequestration, even natural pest control, it’s the longest running study of its kind and will hopefully inspire farmers across the UK and beyond.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org