Gaby Roslin hilariously responds to people who confused her for Gabby Logan during Women's Euro final

Virgin Radio

2 Aug 2022, 11:22

Gaby Roslin and Gabby Logan

Credit: Getty

If you have ever mistaken Gaby Roslin for Gabby Logan in years gone by, you certainly won’t now!

Virgin Radio's very own Gaby (with one ‘b’) took to Twitter on Sunday night (31st July) to point out the hilarious confusion lots of fans had during the Women’s Euro final, while Gabby Logan (with two ‘b’s) was doing commentary on the game for the BBC.

While the Lionesses scored a thrilling 2-1 victory against Germany during the historic match, Logan was front-and-centre on the BBC coverage alongside Ian Wright and Alex Scott, but some fans mixed up their Gabby’s, meaning our Roslin ended up getting loads of messages praising Logan for her brilliant coverage. 

Reminding fans to double check their social media handles carefully, Roslin tweeted: “To all of you kind & lovely people who are sweetly congratulating me on tonight’s football coverage please can you all let the very fabulous @GabbyLogan know that in fact you mean her because I agree Gabby was blooming wonderful tonight. And still so thrilled for the Lionesses.”

When actress and friend Carrie Quinlan commented: “This is my favourite tweet of the night,” Roslin added: “Well it’s true! I want them to tell the other Gabby how fab she is not me. I know nothing about football apart from that those lionesses were and are bloody awesome and brilliant #Lionesses.”

Clearly also tickled by the scenario, Logan decided a social media response was too easy, and decided to have some fun with her reply. 

While Roslin was on air on Virgin Radio, Logan decided to send an audio message to clear things up, once and for all!

Logan said: “I'm the Gabby that does the football and she's the Gaby who does other stuff, not the football. She does the radio and the telly, but I do the telly and the radio as well. I can see why you're confused.”

The sports presenter then explained even her nearest and dearest have been guilty of such a mistake before.

Logan continued: “The first night I met my husband, he was also very confused. Having chatted me up for about an hour, he went around the corner in the bar, spoke to his mates and he said: ‘I've been chatting up Gaby Roslin around the corner. I think I'm in there.’ And his mates said: ‘No, you idiot. You've been chatting to Gabby Yorath.’

“To this day. I'm still not sure whether Kenny, my husband, knows which Gabby he's married to. It's very, very confusing. You can see how people often can't work out which one of us is which. So I'll just leave you now. Signing off. Gabby here over and out. Over to you Gaby.”

So now you know your Gabby from your Gaby - it’s sorted once and for all!

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