George Michael’s former partner Kenny Goss says he spent ‘so much time’ worrying about the singer’s health

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23 Jun 2022, 06:50

George Michael + Kenny Goss (2008)

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There were constant concerns over the health of George Michael during the final years of his life, according to former partner Kenny Goss.

The Dallas businessman was with the late singer from 1996 until 2009. Seven years later, George passed away aged 53 from heart disease. 

Seeing George’s health decline over the years was always a source of worry for Kenny, and in his first interview in five years, the art dealer told Piers Morgan Uncensored how he felt upon hearing about George’s tragic passing 

He told Piers: “We all expected him to die. I had spent so much time when we lived together, being worried about him 

“Honestly, he hated the fact that I worried about him so much.”

Despite the ongoing worries over his health, Kenny did say the couple had many years of happiness. 

He continued: “What I always do notice, is there was a lot longer time that I was incredibly happy with him than I was worried with him.

“He always said that I saved his life. I think that’s a bit much but I really did try.”

Despite being considered one of the best singer-songwriters of his generation, George was plagued with insecurities about his appearance, according to Kenny, who said he had to constantly reassure the star about his looks. 

Kenny added: “I’ll never forget, we’d probably been together two weeks or maybe three. He came home and he said, ‘Darling, what’s good looking about me?’ He said, ‘someone said you were better looking at me’…

“There were so many things I should have said, but I said your lips. [I should have said] everything… I mean, you know, he was always voted most handsome in the world, all these different things. He was one of the most wonderful men in the world.”

Prior to his death, George got the chance to ‘address many personal issues’ in the newly released George Michael Freedom Uncut documentary, which had its one-night-only global cinematic release on Wednesday (22nd June).

The feature was George’s final project, and he can be heard narrating the deeply personal autobiographical feature, which featured previously unseen footage and rarely-discussed stories, including his private relationship with Anselmo Feleppa, and the high-profile court case against Sony Music. 

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