B&M is selling an Easter egg treasure hunt kit for dogs

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5 Apr 2022, 07:47

A box of Scooby Snacks - Treasure Hunt Kit For Dogs

Credit: Instagram @bmstores_stores

Now your pooches can enjoy Easter as much as everyone else, as a dog-friendly Easter egg treasure hunt kit is available at B&M stores. 

As any dog owner will tell you, our four-legged friends are an integral part of the family. They sit on the sofa with us (even though we initially swore that they wouldn’t be allowed on the furniture), we go on lovely walks together, they comfort us when we’re sad, and they give us a hero’s welcome every time we come home from work. Basically, we do everything together.

However, one thing that dogs can’t really join in with is the traditional egg hunt at Easter. Because chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, it can be toxic for dogs and, therefore, they should not eat it. So, sending our pooches on an Easter egg hunt would, under normal circumstances, be a very bad idea. 

However, retail chain B&M has come up with a solution. The store is now selling Easter-themed eggs which are made with dog-friendly carob chocolate.

The news that will make dogs even more excited than they already are was shared on B&M’s Instagram page yesterday (April 4th). The post showed a picture of the product, called “Scooby Snacks”, which has a picture of Scooby Doo on the box. The picture was captioned: “You can keep the pups entertained at #Easter with this brilliant treasure hunt kit!

“With 6 edible eggs included, it's a great way to involve them in the Easter fun, as well as giving them a treat! Grab yours in store for £4.”

The product description on the B&M website says: “Let your dog join in with an Easter egg hunt this year with this delicious Scooby Snacks Treasure Hunt Kit for Dogs. Your dog will have hours of fun hunting the eggs in this fantastic treasure hunt kit, made with dog friendly carob chocolate.”

Commenters on Instagram seemed keen to get their doggies involved, with many people tagging their friends to let them know about the new product. One person suggested getting a box “for the fur-nephews.”

Someone else added: “this needs to happen.”

Another person suggested that their dogs “would have these sniffed out in nanoseconds!”