Killing Eve episode 3 recap: Villanelle finally seeks professional help

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15 Mar 2022, 10:05

Credit: BBC

Credit: BBC

Caution - big spoilers for the latest series of Killing Eve ahead! 

In the latest episode, called A Rainbow in Beige Boots, it seems Villanelle finally wants to get to grips with her mind, but obviously, not without knocking a therapist unconscious and tying them to a garden lounger. 

Following last week’s double murder, Villanelle’s conscious gets in the way and she seeks out help from therapist Martin, played by Adeel Akhtar. While it sounds like she's finally taking the right path, we're brought back down to reality when Villanelle threatens him into giving her a free session. 

While cable-tied to said garden lounger, Martin explains to Villanelle, who describes herself as ‘a rainbow in beige boots’, that her wanting to open up is a good thing - as true psychopaths don’t ever intend to change their ways. 

Despite this cry for help, it’s clear Villanelle is still very much obsessed with Eve, wanting to ‘smell her skin’ and ‘hear the boring stuff she does every day’.

Eve eventually tracks Villanelle down, and despite Villanelle knocking Martin unconscious, the pair almost take up their own couples therapy on his sofa, with Eve describing their relationship as much like the ‘scorpion and the frog’ fable, as the ‘scorpion can’t change its nature’. 

In the intense and intimate scene between the pair, and when Eve suggests ‘I should have done this when we first met’, but instead of following the romance so desperately wanted by Villanelle, police raid the house and arrest her. 

The armed cops drag Villanelle away in handcuffs, marking her first time held by authorities since her spell in a Russian prison. 

Elsewhere, Eve is getting dangerously close to discovering the next targeted member of The Twelve, and tries to track down French handler Helene, played by Camille Cottin. 

Earlier in the series, Eve is spotted tracking Helene in Paris with the help of Yusuf, while on her mission to find the elusive Twelve, and in this episode, Eve meets up with a disgruntled ex of Camille, who gives her key info on who she could be after next.

With Eve’s attention turned to the Twelve, what does that mean for Villanelle, now in prison? 

Killing Eve's final series continues on BBC iPlayer on Sunday 20th March.