Ed Sheeran gave LadBaby his Greggs black card

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4 Jan 2022, 17:03

Credit: Twitter/@LadBaby

Credit: Twitter/@LadBaby

Dreams really do come true - the ultimate sausage roll fans now have a Greggs black card.

After teaming up with LadBaby for their fourth Christmas number one, kindhearted Ed Sheeran has now gifted the couple his much-longed for Greggs black card.

Ed explained: "Greggs gave me a Black Card for unlimited Greggs, but I actually feel like the person that needs a Greggs black card most is Mark, so I'm going to give mine to Mark...."

He insisted that LadBaby Mark has done more for the brand than anyone else, so he is deserving of his own.

Mark responded with: "This is actually the best day of my life... Greggs, I'm coming for you...".

Fans of LadBaby were stunned to find he didn't already have one.

 "I'm surprised you hadn't already been given one of these from all the exposure you give them!" exclaimed one.

While another wrote: "HOW… HOW … do they not have a black card already Greggs? Sort it out!"

"Gave Ed a black card over Ladbaby, tut tut tut, if it wasn't for LadBaby I wouldn't even know what Greggs was" insisted one fan.

Others joked that the bakery would now be "bankrupt", such is Mark's sausage roll habit.

Another compared it to a famous accomplishment many people wanted: "Wow … this is way better than a blue Peter badge."

"Omg love this!!! How have you not already got one?! That’s ridiculous all you’ve done, every time I think of Greggs I think of LadBaby, come on greggs sort it out!"

LadBaby's has hit the number one spot for the last four years, with songs all about sausage rolls.

The hit songs raise money for foodbank charity The Trussell Trust.