Sheridan Smith was ‘in bits crying every night’ filming dark true-crime drama Four Lives

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4 Jan 2022, 13:49

Credit: BBC

The life of an actor isn't always full of glitz and glam — especially if you're filming a harrowing real-life series. Sheridan Smith has admitted she was in pieces while working on the horrific true story of the Barking Murders otherwise known as the 'Grindr Murders'.

The accounts cover the multiple murders and how they affected the families and friends who battled to fight for justice for their loved ones. Focussing on the four victims at the hands of Stephen Port were Anthony Walgate, Gabriel Kovari, Daniel Whitworth and Jack Taylor. 

Credit: BBC

Sheridan plays the mum of victim Anthony and has admitted her struggles while filming the role. She told The Sun's TV mag about the emotional rollercoaster: “Every night I was going home in bits, crying - you can’t help but take it home.

“I have so much respect for her and what she must have gone through. 

“I really beat myself up with it because I want to do a good job for them.”

She added: “I think it brings something different out in me when I play a real person. I love to get a connection with them. 

“I mean it from my heart that I want to do my best for them, it’s not like I meet them to go ‘oh, what are your mannerisms’ and then just dump them.

“I’m invested in them, I know their lives and I’ve got so much admiration for them. They’re special jobs.”

Credit: BBC

Serial killer Port was jailed in 2016 for drugging and murdering men before dumping their bodies in a graveyard, and is played by Stephen Merchant in the drama.

The actor and comedian wrote on social media: "I play serial killer Stephen Port in Four Lives, which begins tonight at 9pm on @BBCOne and @BBCiPlayer. The true story of how four men’s lives were taken by Port and the fight for justice mounted by their families and loved ones."