Did you hear a loud phone siren alert today as the UK Gov tested an emergency system?

Virgin Radio

25 May 2021, 14:48

Nobody panic. Yet. Residents of East Suffolk might have heard an alarming loud siren coming from their phones today but it was just a government test incase of serious future emergencies. Alert systems already exist in the USA, Canada, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand and the Netherlands to warn the public of danger in times of flooding, fires, explosions, terrorist incidents and public health emergencies.

The trial was tested in East Suffolk on random phones and tablets between 1pm and 2pm with people hearing a 'loud tone and vibration that is hard to ignore and conveys urgency'.

Mobiles may have made a loud siren noise even if they were on silent, or vibrated or had the alert read out. The system could be used across the rest of the UK later this year.

The Government webpage advised: "The UK government will send 2 test alerts between 1pm and 2pm. If you get an alert, your phone or tablet may make a loud siren-like sound. You do not need to take any action."

The Paymaster General Penny Mordaunt said: "The Emergency Alerts service will be a vital tool in helping us to better respond to emergencies, both nationally and locally.

"The concept was used to good effect during the pandemic when we asked people, via text message, to stay at home to protect the NHS and save lives.

"This new system builds on that capability and will allow us to more quickly and effectively get life-saving messages to people across the UK."

Let's pray for the sound of silence.