People are horrified after realising something about digestive biscuits

Virgin Radio

16 Feb 2021, 16:14

Chances are, you've never thought too hard about digestive biscuits besides deciding whether to dunk it in a tea or not.

A new trend on TikTok has changed that though. The trend asks people to share things that are completely "normal" in their own country, but would be considered "weird" elsewhere in the world.

A comedian, Gary Meikle, made a video response to it that has made people think harder than they'd like. 

He reveals he never once stopped to think about the meaning behind the name, until his American girlfriend recently pointed out to him that this wasn't normal and asked to look at the ingredients.

His TikTok has millions of views. In it, he says: "In Scotland, it's normal to eat biscuits called digestives, never even thought about the name before.

"However, my American girlfriend has just informed me that that is not normal and she demanded to read the ingredients.

"I've just Googled it and it turns out in 1839 two Scottish doctors developed these to help with the aid of the digestive system because they've got sodium bicarbonate in them, which is a laxative.

"So, essentially we have been eating biscuits that help make us s**t."

He said: "I feel violated. Why were we not taught this back in school during home economics?"

Meikle is correct that they were invented in 1839 by two Scottish doctors and they were reportedly meant to aid digestion, however, a dietician says they're unlikely to help now.

Catherine Brennan told that the ingredients in the biscuits are unlikely to make you rush to the loo.

However, but the bicarbonate could technically act as an antacid if you suffer from heartburn. 

"Though exactly how much bicarbonate these biscuits contain is a mystery," she admitted.

She says that eating digestives "won’t miraculously improve your digestion" and they aren't harmful to your health.

Some commenters revealed they also had never thought about it: 

"I've never even questioned why they were called digestives."

"I will never look at a digestive the same again," one cried.