Now you don't have to choose between pizza and fried chicken

Virgin Radio

16 Feb 2021, 15:52

It's a tough call when you really want a cheesy, greasy pizza but you also really fancy a KFC. Now you can get your hands on both with this limited edition pairing from Pizza Hut and KFC for a Popcorn Chicken Pizza.

Two great worlds collide, together on one glorious item.

You'd better be quick though as it's only around for four weeks.

This is no ordinary pizza, as it comes with a KFC gravy base. Yes, you read that right. GRAVY.

It's then covered in delicious mozzarella cheese, Popcorn Chicken bites and a sprinkling of sweetcorn.

What's not to love?

Pizza Hut originally released this last year, and it sold out in an incredible two days. 

The duo are also offering a 2-4-1 Boneless Banquet coupon with every pizza purchased.

If you're on TikTok and are looking for a new dance to do too, you're in luck. 

Diversity’s Perri Kiely has choreographed a new dance to the iconic track ‘A Pizza Hut, a Pizza Hut Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut’. He's challenging you to take on the TikTok challenge if you’re not too ‘chicken’.

Perri Kiely, from dance group Diversity, said: “It’s exciting to be part of such an iconic collaboration and bring back the 2003 hit! Get involved, dance, move, eat pizza, share a slice of the action and see if you can keep up with me!”