ASDA has made pizza-flavoured hot cross buns for Easter

Virgin Radio

12 Feb 2021, 15:18

Yes, we know Easter is a way off yet, but frankly, who knows what day of the week it is right now.

ASDA have upped the hot cross bun game with a new pizza-inspired edition.

How about trying a savoury bun?

They've come up with the savoury Extra Special Tomato and Red Leicester Hot Cross Buns.

Who doesn't love tomato and cheese. It's definitely a new combination for a hot cross bun, but as a nation, we're obsessed with pizza so it might just work.

This isn't the first time ASDA have been experimental. They've previously made Extra Special Belgian Chocolate Hot Cross Buns for the chocoholics among us, and the Extra Special Apple and Cinnamon Hot Cross Buns.

ASDA's Hot Cross Bun Product Developer (what a job title!) Becky Price explained: "We're always looking for fun and innovative products that bring people together and get people talking - and there's no better product than the humble Hot Cross Bun to spark conversation!

"Whether you like yours sweet or savoury - there's plenty of great value options at ASDA and we are sure Hot Cross Bun lovers will enjoy trying our new Tomato and Red Leicester flavour."

As well as the cheese and tomato flavour, there's also the Extra Special St Clements Hot Cross Buns featuring Spanish lemon peel and orange zest and filled with vine fruits. 

If you have a sweet tooth, what about the Baker's Selection White Chocolate and Caramel Hot Cross Buns?

It's £1 for a pack of four, and plenty to try.

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