Matt Lucas shows off first ever moustache after lifelong alopecia

Virgin Radio

4 Feb 2021, 16:46

Comedian and TV star Matt Lucas has grown his very own facial fuzz for the first time ever.

The Great British Bake Off host shared his news on social media along with a photo showing off his new accessory. 

The star wrote: "In lockdown 3 I grew my first ever moustache. I don’t have eyebrows so it looks a bit weird."

Fans commented online, applauding his new look.

One follower wrote: "Congratulations Matt. Very pleased for you and your upper lip in this cold weather."

One penned: "I really really really love it."

Another wrote: "It's really cute!" and: "Not weird at all. You look lovely."

He told The Guardian about his hair loss back in 2017: "In 1980, aged six, I woke up one morning to find several hairs on my pillow. The next day the same thing happened, only this time there were a lot more. By the end of that summer all my hair had fallen out.

"The doctors - and we saw an endless stream of them - concluded that it must have been a delayed response to the shock of being knocked down by the car in Portugal two years earlier.

"And so I was the first six-year-old in my class to learn the word 'alopecia'".