Five ordinary things the Queen has never done

Virgin Radio

28 Jan 2021, 15:25

You might think it would be fun being the Queen of the United Kingdom, but there are some very ordinary things that the queen has never done. 

As featured on Tim Cocker's show on Virgin Radio, here are five of the things that Her Majesty has never done. 

Never went to school

Some of the Royal Family attend some of the best private schools and universities nowadays, but the Queen never went to school.

Both the Queen and her sister Princess Margaret were tutored at home by the best teachers imaginable.

They also studied constitutional history and law. This was chosen to best prepare them for their jobs in the royal family.

Been on dates

No right and left swiping for the Queen and the drama of awkward first dates, as she first met her husband in 1939 when he was Prince Phillip of Greece and Denmark. 

The "handsome and dashing" royal caught the attention of young Princess Elizabeth at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth.

She was said to be head over heels with him, and they waited until the Queen was 21 to announce their relationship.

Biography Robert Lacy says: "One of the most extraordinary things about the Queen is that she fell in love and married just about the first man she met.

"Of course, it's a slight exaggeration. But she met Prince Philip of Greece, as he then was in 1939 when he was a dashing naval cadet at Dartmouth Naval college.

"She had met him before at family occasion, but this was the occasion when, by her own account, the spark was struck."

Passed a driving test

You've probably seen many pictures of the Queen driving around, usually in a Land Rover. 

However, she's never had to pass a driving test. 

Driver's licenses are issued in her name, the same as passports, so she doesn't need one.

Her Majesty learned to drive during the Second World War. She never took an official test with an instructor.

Opened presents on Christmas Day

Typically the Royal Family spend Christmas at the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk.

One thing that is different is the fact they don't open their presents on Christmas Day.

The Queen honours traditions started by her father King George VI. It's linked to her German heritage, and she opens presents on Christmas Eve. 

The Royal Family also traditionally swap funny or joke gifts too instead.

Voting in an election

It's considered unconstitutional for the ruling monarch to vote in an election.

The Queen is required to remain neutral when it comes to politics, as she is the head of state. 

Her Majesty maintains her ceremonial and formal roles but doesn't cast a vote when the time comes. 

There are weekly meetings between the Prime Minister and the Queen. An update is given on any important issues.

Are you surprised by any of these? 

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