Take part in the UK’s 'largest-ever art exhibition' lead by Sir Antony Gormley

Virgin Radio

28 Jan 2021, 14:48

The Great Big Art Exhibition has been announced with the faces of artists Ai Weiwei and Sir Antony Gormley flying the flag.

The UK’s “largest-ever art exhibition” will be held in people’s front windows - or wherever they can display it - due to lockdown and will feature the work of many well-regarded artists.

On board is The Tate, National Gallery, the National Galleries of Scotland and many more who are joining forces to encourage people to express and create art in the hope to “counter the gloom of the pandemic”.

The opening theme picked by Gormley will be animals and anyone can contribute by making drawings, paintings, sculptures or anything of the same theme then displaying it for all to see in their very own front windows, doors, gardens, outer areas or balconies.

"At a time when all the theatres and galleries are shut it is wonderful to somehow tap into the extraordinary reservoirs of creativity in the country and celebrate the diversity of range and thought and feelings that exist," Sir Antony said. "We want to let the inner animal out. People will find their inner animal… it could be a whale or a dinosaur."

Sally Shaw, director of Colchester venue Firstsite, which thought of the idea said: "Making, showing and experiencing art has created so much joy, connection and solace for many thousands of people.

“The doors to our collections and galleries might be shut but our imaginations are forever open.

“I can't wait to see a brand new nationwide art gallery appearing before our eyes in coming days, weeks and months. This is sure to be an incredible expression of people's creativity.”