Mum shocked by son finding the secret button on a Sky box to locate lost remote

Virgin Radio

28 Jan 2021, 11:48

There's nothing more annoying than losing the Sky remote and cutting into precious viewing time. Thankfully, will a little bit of help from her tech-savvy toddler, one woman has found the secret button on her Sky box to help solve a lost-controller crisis.

Sophie Liard - otherwise known as "The Folding Lady" on TikTok - told users about her findings via her two-year-old son.

She wrote alongside the post: "Did you know this or is it just me?"

By pressing the Q on her Sky box her lost remote starts beeping loudly and is found instantly.

She added, unable to believe her son's knowledge: "MY TWO YEAR OLD TAUGHT ME THIS."

To stop the beeping, all you have to do is press any button and voila - happy viewing is resumed.


Credit: TikTok

The nifty feature can be found on newer Sky Q boxes and their Bluetooth remotes, which will save our Tim Cocker hours (read: days) searching for the remote. He can never understand how it magically disappears.

Users commented on the hidden feature info: "This is the best thing ever, especially when I lose it so easily!"


Credit: TikTok

Another added: "Amazing! How did I not know this?"

One person wrote: "This could have saved me a fortune on remotes!"

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