Sara Pascoe explains the science behind love

Virgin Radio

27 Oct 2020, 14:13

Love is a strange but wonderful thing, as is the human brain. Sara Pascoe has a new TV series called  and she joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky today to talk to Sam Pinkham about what inspired her. 

The show is written about her life, and features surreal asides explaining the science behind why her character feels the way she does. 

For Sara, it all came down to understanding the chemistry behind why we feel the way we do. "I love love, but when I was heartbroken, I found the most reassuring thing was to learn about the chemical. I simplified it in the show, but you have things like dopamine, which works in the part of your brain which is about attaining goals, that drives us towards a person that we lust for."

She continues: "You have oxytocin and vasopressin which helps with pair bonding. Oxytocin you get when you touch each other, and it's soothing. What it does is it counteracts cortisol which is a stress hormone, so it actually makes us feel more relaxed. So it's a really wonderful thing."

Many people are missing that at the moment: "With what's going on with lockdowns and Coronavirus, it's something we're all really missing, hugging and touching each other and the lovely comfort that we get from being a social animal."

Then there's the big one, says Sara; "Phenylethylamine, sometimes abbreviated PEA, that's the one that makes you feel buzzy when you're falling in love. It makes you see colours more, and hear music incredibly, and it makes you lose your appetite and you can't sleep and you get a bit obsessed with the person that you fancy."

So if you're feeling enamored with someone, that's why. 

Out Of Her Mind continues tonight at 10pm on BBC Two.