Richard and Judy celebrate ten years of their book club with a new podcast

Virgin Radio

21 Oct 2020, 14:28

Many people have taken up reading again over the last few months of the pandemic, and Richard and Judy are the people to go to for a recommendation of a new book. They joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky this morning to talk about the tenth anniversary of their book club, and their new podcast highlighting 12 of their favourite books.

Richard recalled how the book club first came about: "We'd done about 10 years on Channel Four. We'd had a book club that had gone really well there, and then when we left, Channel Four held on to the rights to it, which was annoying, but then we got them back."

It was all good timing too, he says: "It happened in a week we had about three meetings with WHSmith because they were really keen to do it. Nobody was sure if it would work just on the high street - there were no podcasts then -without any telly to back it up, but we thought well, it might!"

The risk paid off, says Richard: "It's incredible... We were looking back yesterday on these 10 years, there's nearly 250 books we've recommended, which means we've read for probably about 700 for the book club."

Richard says lockdown has made books more appealing than ever, and that watching telly just isn't the same: "Television and watching your boxsets is fine but it’s non-interactive, you just sit and look at a flat screen, it doesn't really suck you in." 

"There's nothing like getting into a really good book, it because it makes you use your imagination" he insists. "I always find if I revisit an old book from years ago, your own copy, you’re part of that book. Turn to page five, and there's a splash of tomato soup that you remember dropping at lunch. Maybe red wine from before bedtime, a crumb of toast. It's your document, it’s your book. There's no doubt there's a huge renaissance of books."

Judy has always been a big fan of reading: "I've never got my nose out of a book. I read and read and read!" she laughs. "It's my thing, my big way of relaxing. My Mum used to say to me when I was little, that she used to Hoover around my feet when I was sitting in our house, she'd get really cross with me because I was reading and she'd say, there's nothing clever you know about sticking your nose in a book all day" she recalls.

Chris laughed: "It'll pay the bills in about 60 years time Mum, don't you worry about that!"

Episode one of Richard and Judy’s new podcast series,is out tomorrow.