Plans to reunite 3 member of The Smiths collapse the very next day

Virgin Radio

24 Jan 2018, 17:10

Heaven knows fans are miserable now after the much-hyped reunion fizzled out almost as instantly as it started...

Monday saw the announcement that drummer Mike Joyce, bassist Andy Rourke and 'fifth Smith' Craig Gannon would renuite to perform for the first time in 30 years, alongside a full orchestra.

It turns out whoever that the tour was more 'classically Smiths-esque' than imaginable when Rourke dismissed claims he was taking part.

Joyce has now revealed he knew the guitarist didn't wish to be involved, but went ahead with a press launch anyway without mentioning the musician:

“It is with much regret that I have to announce that I will not be taking part in the shows

“Unfortunately it became apparent very late that Andy would not be taking part. 

“I agreed with Andy that I would take part in the press conference and inform people that he would not be taking part.

“Unfortunately on the morning of the press conference I was informed I would not be able to say this.

“After much deliberation and soul searching I have decided that without Andy, an integral part of why I agreed to take part in the first place, I have come to this difficult decision.

He went on to say he wishes the shows all the best - although it has now been confirmed they're simply not to be. A statement from producers Bad Production Ltd confirmed: “In response to recent comments in the press, the planned Classically Smiths events will now, no longer be taking place”.

How Soon Is Now? Not very soon at all, it would seem!