Jack Lowden and Mark Gill on new Morrissey-inspired film 'England Is Mine'

Virgin Radio

1 Aug 2017, 14:30

The director and lead actor of an upcoming new film about Morrissey swung by the studio for a chat with Edith Bowman. 

England is Mine

 is based on the early years of the English icon, before he formed The Smiths in 1982 with Johnny Marr.

The film stars Jack Lowden - who can also be seen in - as Morrissey, and was written and directed by Mark Gill.

Mark said: "I remember me and Jack having that conversation when he first came on board. 

"Jack was genuinely worried about playing this icon. I said I couldn't make a film about an icon, but I could about a young guy struggling. 

"That's what we concentrated on."

Jack said: "I enjoyed every minute of making this film. It was tiny, it was a five-week shoot. 

"Two or three weeks of it, we were in his bedroom.

"I watched a couple of clips of him Morrissey, because he's got a distinctive voice. We came up with something which felt natural but also pushed it a bit."

England Is Mine

comes out on August 4.