US Presidential Election: The ‘dark, frightening people’ behind Donald Trump’s campaign

Virgin Radio

17 Oct 2016, 15:26

Donald Trump’s bid to be the next President of the United States is probably the most talked about event on the planet right now.

So Jamie East thought he would do just that with Jon Ronson, the author of ‘The Elephant in the Room’, a journey into the Trump campaign and the "Alt-Right".

The book reveals the amazing stories of the some of the men behind Trump’s bid for the Oval Office, including conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and political lobbyist Roger Stone, a man Ronson describes as “dark and frightening.”

Ronson, who also wrote ‘The Psychopath Test’, says Trump is showing classic signs of that behaviour.

He said: “Trump is making up a whole new set of rules. Psychopaths lie pathologically and don’t feel embarrassed when they’re caught lying. We have become numb to pathological lying.

“If he wins it will be carnage, chaos. A Trump presidency could be the Apocalypse!

“But he’s not going to win unless some terrible secret comes out about Hillary Clinton – although that isn’t beyond the realms of possibility.”