Viggo Mortensen says the film he most wants to work on is ‘expensive and difficult to make’

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27 Jun 2024, 09:39

Viggo Mortensen

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Lord of the Rings star Viggo Mortensen has spoken about the "four or five" films that he could be involved in next, and shared details of which one he is “probably” going to do.

As well as starring in loads of cracking movies, including Green Book, Captain Fantastic and, of course, the LOTR trilogy, Viggo is a director and composer of note. 

He wrote, directed, co-produced, composed and stars in new Western drama, The Dead Don’t Hurt, which is in cinemas now.



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But what comes next for Viggo? In an exclusive interview with, he revealed what he has got going on. 

When we asked the actor whether there are any genres of films that he would like to explore further, he told us: “I don't have a goal, even as an actor or director, like, ‘I want to do this genre, I want to work with that director, I want to work on this type of character.’”

Speaking about the “four or five scripts” that he has at the moment, he explained: “One is a sort of a Western, but it's all just indigenous people, First Nations, Native American people. A lot of horses. That's the one I'd most like to do. But it's expensive and difficult to make. Relatively expensive.”

The film star continued: “None of them is really a thriller kind of story, you know, like a Film Noir, although I like that genre. Who knows? One is a very just character study of people in a big city trying to get along and understand each other. That's probably the one I'm going to do next.”

Whilst we wait to see what Viggo does next, we can at least enjoy The Dead Don’t Hurt. Set in the tumultuous 1860s, the new film tells the story of star-crossed lovers Vivienne Le Coudy (Vicky Krieps) and Danish immigrant Holger Olsen (Mortensen), whose peaceful existence in Nevada is ripped apart by the outbreak of the Civil War.

The film’s director told us: "The character of Vivienne, both the girl and then the grown up version [is] this image of things I knew about my mother when she was a little girl, and the sort of place where she grew up. That kind of forest in the North East of the United States, near the Canadian border, maples, red oaks, black walnuts, hickories.

"And she had a real vivid imagination. She was very curious about other people, other cultures. She read stories to me, told me stories like my moms do, but she also took me to movies when I was very young. And her whole life, we would go to movies and always talk story."

He added: “It's dedicated to her, the movie, because Vivienne is inspired by her, at least her person. And then it morphed into a Western once I realised that I wanted to place her in the 19th century, on the western frontier."

The Dead Don't Hurt is in cinemas now.