X Factor meets Love Is Blind for a new music reality show Building The Band for Netflix

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31 May 2024, 16:03

Pic: ITV and Netflix

Everyone knows chemistry can make-or-break a band, just look at Fleetwood Mac.

Now a new music reality TV series is coming to our screens, but it has a twist.

The likes of The X Factor and Pop Idol acted as a springboard for many musicians, but there have also been some duds over the years.



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Netflix is the latest place to try and cobble the next big thing together, with a new series called Building The Band.

The synopsis of the show says it “seeks to discover the next great music group without bandmates initially meeting face-to-face.”

That's where the Love Is Blind angle comes in.

If you haven't seen the series, couples "meet" in pods but don't get to see each other until they're engaged.

The format for Building The Band will see 50 musicians collaborating without ever seeing each other in person.

“All they have to go on is musical compatibility, connection, chemistry and merit. What will happen when the bands finally meet and… looks, choreography, and style come into play?” the synopsis continues.

“Incredible performances, compelling drama and one big goal: find the next great music band.”

More information including the hosts and premiere date are still to be revealed.

Netflix has also revealed several other new reality shows, called Selling the City, Battle Camp, Owning Manhattan, and Love Is Blind: UK.

There has also been a renewal for The Mole, Too Hot to Handle, and Perfect Match.

Could we find another Girls Aloud?