Doctor Who: Russell T Davies says fans will be 'screaming' at season finale

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28 Apr 2024, 14:25

Doctor Who cast

Credit: BBC

We are just weeks away from the new series of Doctor Who and showrunner Russell T Davies has teased details of what to expect. 

The 14th season will see Ncuti Gatwa returning as the Doctor with Millie Gibson as his newest companion, Ruby Sunday. It will also be the fifth series led by Russell T Davies as head writer after he returned to the show last year. 

Speaking to about the new season, the showrunner said: “I have to say, we are dropping these episodes at midnight, and if ever you’re going to stay up until midnight with a bottle of cider or a box of chocolates and sit there and watch Doctor Who, I would recommend it for [the final] one- because you will be screaming.”

He added: “Try to stay unspoilt, because it’s so hard to be unspoilt with things. Try, try, try, and you will have a whale of a time with that one.”

This isn’t the first time Russell has shed some light on the upcoming season either. 

Earlier this month, he shared that every episode will “stand on its own” and will “build and build and build to the most devastating finale.”

He added it would be “literally, the biggest finale ever” and said: “There’s some shots of that in the trailers coming up. Oh my god, you’re gonna die.”

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, the showrunner also teased what fans can expect from Gatwa and Gibson in season 15. As the series began production in Cardiff, he shared: “We’re heading into season two, and my God, Ruby Sunday is important to that. There’s good stuff to come.”

Seeing as we know Ruby’s history (first introduced in her first episode, The Church on Ruby Road, which aired on Christmas Day 2023) will be important to the upcoming series and beyond, it can be assumed it may play a part in series 14’s finale. 

Doctor Who series 14 will premier at midnight on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on 11th May 2024.