Race Across The World viewers ‘gutted’ as fan-favourite pairing are eliminated on third leg

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25 Apr 2024, 08:09

Sharon + Brydie and Eugenie + Isabel on Race Across The World 2024

Credit: BBC

Race Across The World said goodbye to one travelling pair as the intrepid travellers made it to the third checkpoint. 

The five teams had to make sure they weren’t last to the finish line at the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh.

Having come last during the second leg, mother-and-daughter team Sharon and Brydie were more than 24 hours behind the race leaders, Eugenie and Isabel, but they were determined to catch up. 

As the pair began their journey through Vietnam to Cambodia, Sharon explained: “Because of the elimination we just really want to get going now, and get into Cambodia, every minute counts doesn’t it, we’ve got to try and catch up six hours.”

Despite giving it their all and keeping up morale throughout the leg, it wasn’t quite enough and Sharon and Brydie were last to arrive at the checkpoint hotel in Cambodia, and sent home from the competition.

Elsewhere, best friends Alfie and Owen made up time in this leg to land in first place, followed by Eugenie and Isabel in second, Betty and James in third and Stephen and Viv narrowly missing elimination in fourth. 

Reflecting on their experience, Brydie said: “I think it’s been great for me just to have some time with my mum… We can share that together, that’s what the race has meant to me.”

She added: “What I have really got out of the race, is just showing my mum that I can do things without her, with all my life skills that she has given me. And that I am grown up, and I’ve got this!”

Mum Sharon replied: “I just think you’re really strong and you should be really pleased with yourself, and I’m proud of you!”

Race Across The World fans watching along at home were upset to see the pairing head home, with many taking to X (formerly Twitter) to share their disappointment. 

One wrote: “Gutted at that result tonight - Sharon & Brydie were my favourites, they relished and deserved the travel experience. Definitely not a fan of the elimination leg. #RaceAcrossTheWorld.”

Another said: “Disappointed that Sharon & Brydie were eliminated #RaceAcrossTheWorld - but inevitable unfortunately - regardless of how they edited it!”

A third commented: “What a thrilling race that was!! Sorry to see Sharon & Brydie eliminated. It was a close race to Cambodian checkpoint. Loving watching #RaceAcrossTheWorld. Best TV travel show I've seen. Bring on next week.”

Race Across The World continues Wednesday nights on BBC One at 9pm and BBC iPlayer.