Doctor Who writer opens up about Ruby Sunday's future importance

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17 Apr 2024, 14:00

Millie Gibson as Ruby Sunday with Ncuti Gatwa as the Doctor

Credit: BBC

Doctor Who’s showrunner Russell T Davies has opened up about Ruby Sunday’s importance to Ncuti Gatwa’s first and second series.

Ruby Sunday actress Millie Gibson was recently confirmed as one of the lead stars of series 15, despite previous suggestions she might have been replaced on the show as the Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa)’s companion by Varada Sethu.

In fact, it turns out both TV stars will be starring as companions in the show’s 15th series. Gibson remains the sole companion who will be starring in the show’s upcoming series 14, however. 

Teasing Ruby’s significance to the show’s overarching storyline, writer and showrunner Davies told Entertainment Weekly in a recent interview: “We’re heading into season two (series 15), and my God, Ruby Sunday is important to that. There’s good stuff to come.”

During this chat, Davies also alluded to how Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor’s storyline influenced his development of Ruby. The so-called ‘Timeless Child’ plot twist which saw the Doctor discover they were not from Gallifrey as they originally believed played into why he chose to give Ruby a foundling story of her own.

The Doctor and Ruby’s similar lack of knowledge about their origins “is going to be the spine of the whole show,” the writer explained.

Teasing more about her and Ncuti’s characters’ relationship in the same interview, Gibson shared: “There’s never been a younger sort of relationship [between the Doctor and a companion], where it’s more like two girls in school, giggling and gossiping.

“Me and Ncuti have a similar relationship to the Doctor and Ruby, which really helps” she continued: “It’s just constant laughter and platonic best friends.”

“If we were at school together we would be such trouble,” Gatwa jokingly added. “The teachers would never allow us to sit together. We’re curious and we’d be looking for an adventure somewhere in the room. And I was like: That is the vibe I want for the Doctor.”

Doctor Who will return on Saturday 11th May from midnight on BBC iPlayer and at a later time on BBC One.